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YAOSXDockWannabe is a Silverlight 4.0 control that eventually will mimic the Mac OSX Dock control with good fidelity (I hope).

The first implementation is not a hardened user control, but demonstrates the basic dock functions. Lest someone fault me for not explicitly stating the disclaimers:
- This dock implementation does not handle "close to dock" expansion. It does handle mouse over/image button mouse entry/exit.
- It does not provide a fancy reflective tray when the dock is anchored at the bottom of a page ... it does provide a tray, however.

This set of disclaimers might prove off-putting, but hopefully not. I note them here so that if they are, you've not wasted time downloading something that does not meet your needs.

Also ... there is a small animation (swf) that illustrates how the current dock works ... also helpful to know BEFORE you download. :-)

One final disclaimer ... I am so new to Silverlight and I have probably have made so many faux pas using it that this work might seem laughable to you. My only response is "I am teachable" ... so feel free to enlighten. My goal with this project is to deliver something hardened enough to be considered product. I am a little tired of searching things that illustrate techniques, but do not go to the point of completeness that someone could simply take work off the shelf, read some coherent documentation (i.e. not code, though commented code would be nice), and put the control to work.

So my work is cut out for me ... Hopefully this work eventually satisfies my goals ... but it currently does not, so stay tuned.


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